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Between Cities - Gebouw-T - Bergen Op Zoom - JVDPhotography-33_edited.png


Between Cities is an exciting new Modern Rockband led by Nick Jongejan and Gijs de Waal, both seasoned musicians with a shared history in their former band, ‘The Young River’. After years of hard work, they arrived at a crossroads in their musical career and made the bold choice to continue as a duo under the name ‘Between Cities’. Returning to their Rock roots. Their music is influenced by Post-hardcore, Emo and Popbands such as Holding Absence, Dayseeker & 30 Seconds To Mars. Their catchy tracks portray vulnerability and self-reflection, offering a glimpse into their inner world shared with the outside.

Nick and Gijs are known as the good guys, living the good life. For them, making music is more than just a passion or profession; it's a lifestyle. They strongly believe in creating music as best friends. Their ultimate dream is to make a living from their music and spread their message through large-scale worldwide tours.

Driven by renewed determination and a shared vision, Nick and Gijs are resolute in seizing the best life has to offer and avoiding regrets from missed opportunities. Their music represents their friendship and is a reflection of their journey to be themselves and maximize life's potential.

Between cities - Maastricht Muziekgieterij - JVDPhotography-26.jpg


Now, here's why we know Between Cities could be very interesting:

  • No-Fuss (support) act: As a duo, we're easy to work with. Our live setup can be pretty minimal which could make us the ideal (support) act with a quick change-over. 

  • We are experienced musicians, so we know how to build an energising set that connects with the audience. (proof: 0.57 sec

  • Set duration: we have 3 captivating sets. 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes. 

  • We have our shit together: We have our own in-ear monitor rack and our set up is well thought out so that it saves a lot of time and hassle for the crew. 

  • WE MAKE GOOD MUSIC ;) : We're a Rock band that is very dedicated to put on a great live show and have a great time with the audience. 

  • Not to forget: We're awesome dudes! :) 

Between Cities - LIVE 2024


Our biggest highlight with Between Cities is playing 9 (sold out!) shows as a support act of The Dirty Daddies in the biggest clubs in The Netherlands. These were our first shows, what-a-headstart! 

Since this is a new project we have to convince you that we are serious in these endeavors mentioning some highlights of our previous band The Young River. 

  • Airplay on Dutch national radio for multiple singles. 

  • Performing live on Dutch national radio & television. 

  • Selected for the Popronde. (The biggest traveling music festival in The Netherlands) 

  • Many shows played in and outside of The Netherlands.  

  • Multiple songs reaching north of 150.000 streams.

  • Headlining multiple European festivals. 

  • Many support shows for bigger Dutch artists. 

Between cities - Maastricht Muziekgieterij - JVDPhotography-50.jpg
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